Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

On Point utilizes GIS in our work, and we offer that same expertise to our clients.  Field data, analytical lab results, survey plans, GPS data, borehole logs; all combine inside a GIS to numerically and graphically present trends and analyze data.  Often GIS is the first step to producing informative and useful map products.

On Point has the advantage of having an established and stable operating environment where we remain at the leading edge of hardware and software versions. We support read/write to any format and we integrate into any existing process.  On Point manages a fast, secure, and reliable network infrastructure. We also offer a robust web-mapping solution for clients requiring limited or remote access to their data.

GIS Services

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Geocoding
  • Network Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Data Entry and Auditing
  • Visualization/Simulation/Animation
  • Cartographic Map Production
  • Digitizing
  • Data Conversion
  • Database Creation and Management
  • Map Production
  • Visualization

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